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Welcome to the Sly Cooper FanFiction Wiki
The wiki about your Sly Cooper adventures that are available to everyone!

1,329 articles since April 2011


The Sly Cooper Fan Fiction Wiki is where any Sly Cooper Fan can write their story of a Sly Cooper adventure! Feel free to express your opinion!

General "Rules" of the SCFF Wiki

Please note that even though that this is a Fan Fiction Wiki, there are some rules that users need to follow:

  • DO NOT insult/make fun of a person's work; there is no reason to insult a person's opinion.
  • DO NOT post inappropriate comments or articles.
  • Treat EVERYONE with respect.
  • Take any criticism as constructive criticism; if there is a problem, contact an admin
    • DO NOT try to take care of the problem yourself unless an admin does not reply to your situation!
  • Please do not edit other people's fan fics without consent of the creator first. Doing so may result in severe consequences.

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